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Skewer System


O-YAKI Skewer System TM    was created to provide a more efficient way to cook food on skewers - allowing multiple skewers to be cooked at once without risk of uneven cooking and loss of precious marinade juices.

From kebabs to shrimp to a whole a chicken or pumpkin, this group of metal skewers can cook up a delicious meal right in the oven.

We designed a set of nine, high-grade steel skewers that you won’t have to keep turning. Unlike the traditional ones, these stay vertical to cook evenly on all sides. And because you put the stand on a baking sheet, the grease won't touch the grates in the oven.

You can even stick O-Yaki inside a grill (so long as the dome is more than 8.5 inches tall). The marinade and juices stay on the food instead of sticking to the grill grates.

And when you’re done cooking, the skewers can go straight in the dishwasher.  The unit stores in a storage in any small drawer until your next culinary endeavor.