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O-Yaki Products brings you quality creative tools for a more efficient kitchen and grilling experience.   


O-Yaki Products is a small minority-owned business and we support small businesses worldwide. 

The O-Yaki Skewer SystemTM has been patented in the USA by the USPTO.  We adhere to stringent manufacturing standards and have obtained the CE rating for the EU.

The Skewer System and other Stainless Steel products as well as all accesories are made in India in small manufacturing units that are family owned and operated, overseen by our own manufacturing supervisors on the ground.

Our Ecoware products are made from a wheat or rice straw, green composite material. They are BPA free and biodegradable. They are sourced in China and made for us by reputed manufacturers that use fair trade practices.  The accesories and packaging are made in India or USA and assembled in the USA.

 We continue to look for new products and ideas that work with our philosophy of supporting small business enterprise as far as possible. Please check back often to see what we may have added 

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