O-Yaki Skewer System Compact 7.5-inch Set

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The O-Yaki 7.5 inch Compact Set is ideal for outdoor grills. It works well in smaller european sizr or contertop ovens as well. Grill dome height should be 7.5 in at highest point for ideal clearance.

Every O-YAKI Skewer System includes:O-YAKI SKEWER SYSTEM is made of food-grade stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

  • (1) stainless steel O-YAKI STAND
  • Nine 7.5 inch long flat stainless steel O-YAKI SKEWERS
  • O-YAKI SKEWER SYSTEM user manual
  • O-YAKI SKEWER SYSTEM Recipe Booklet
  • Storage Bag

Product Specs:

O-YAKI Base:

Height : 3 inches

Diameter: 8 inches


Length 8 inches

The O-YAKI Skewer System is patented with the USPTO and has been rated under the CE rating for the EU. Made in Inda under strict guidelines. Our manufacturing workshops are small family owned units. As we support small business everywhere.

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